The Literary Girlfriend: Book Report

Dysfunctional Literacy

Danielle had mentioned that she wanted to take a bath, and she had said it so nonchalantly that it didn’t feel awkward.  I was hoping for an invitation, but I knew not to ask.  Things seemed to be going my way, and I didn’t want to blow it by saying something smarmy.  Sometimes in romance, it’s best to play not to lose.

“The guest bathroom is cleaner,” I said, and pointed to the bathroom down the hall.

But Danielle was looking past me.  “We have company.”

I turned and saw two roaches on the wall behind me.  Big roaches, not thick enough to be outside roaches, but large enough to have been well-fed.  Ugh, I was out of bug spray.

“You gonna use a shoe this time?” Danielle suggested.

I looked around the room and felt myself gritting my teeth.  “My shoes are in the bedroom.”  I glanced at the thick black…

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