Selina Sarong$28

Kick off your summer with the Selina sarong and dazzle your guy with a brilliant halter on date night. Just backyard lounging on a cool summer day? Wear it as a wrap and stay warm in style.
– 100% Rayon
– 42″ x 72″
– Hand wash cold separately

Tying It All Together
1. Hold the sarong with the long ends on the top and bottom while the shorter ends are on the sides. Place the sarong behind your back this way as if you were going to dry your back with a towel, holding a top corner in each hand.
2. Bring the corners of the sarong around your body to the front. Cross the corners in front of your chest and wrap the corners behind your neck. The material should be snug but not too constricting. Otherwise this may hurt your chest, armpits or neck, making the sarong very uncomfortable to wear.
3. Tie the ends in a square knot behind your neck. Make sure the knot is tied tightly so it doesn?t untie itself while you are walking around. Enjoy!




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